PSA: I do use autocomp.
Icarus was a boy
before he was a lesson
I've been gone for 5 years, but now I'm back! HUGE thank you to Pega, without whom my account would be long dead. PSA: I do not accept random friend requests. 
I'm in my twenties, have a Husky named Kai, and live in Arizona. I do have a horse in real life--his name is Armando (though I affectionately refer to him as Bug) and he's a Holsteiner. We used to show in the jumpers & equitation, but now he's retired & happy as ever.  
I'm currently on the Isola Bella team breeding Hackney unicorns and the Peruvian Giants team breeding Peruvian Pasos. Please do not ask me for covers or to sell any horses that wear the team affix. I do breed my own unicorns for kicks & giggles, so if you'd like a cover from one of my non-team unicorns, feel free to PM me. 
I am always in the market for Morpheus' Arms, Achilles' Heels, and Philotes' Strokes. If you have any you're willing to part with, let me know! I'm also trying to coat & blup all of the original foundies I have. I'm currently looking for a Standardbred & Holsteiner foundie. Again, if you have either of those two that you're willing to part with, PM me!