I currently own ~ 760 different horn of gold companion coats! 
I currently own all the bear, kangaroo, swallow, squirrel, hen, penguin, zebra, goat, monkey, camel, owl, turtle and butterfly HOGs!
I am missing 1 giraffe to finish that collection. A picture of these are all now listed in my forum. I will pay a very high price to own these specific HOGs!
If you have a HOG that I do not currently own I will pay many passes to buy it from you. I have all of my HOGs in my forum so please do check that before you PM me. 

The two horses in my profile picture are my two Tennessee walker mares. The brown one laying down is Gypsy and the champagne colored mare standing is her daughter Trouble. I named her Trouble when she was born on our farm 11 years ago. She is a very trustworthy trail riding horse. Last spring I bought a 3rd Tennessee walker because Gypsy is now 27 years old and is semi retired. My 3rd Tennessee walker is a 8 year old champagne gelding named Champ. Do not steal my pictures or I will report you.