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Hey person reading! My name is Elstupido. I realize you're laughing and questioning. That's okay, I don't blame you. I used to ride a POA pony named Zippo's Special Request, aka Trina. She's a chestnut with a snowflake blanket coat. We showed in showmanship, english, western, and contesting. After her, I rode a four year old Paint named Chance. He's brown and white Tobiano. I am an age between 1-5, well that's the age I act anyways. I live on Mars with the Martians and we're best friends, we look just like humans. We want to invade Earth, in fact. So if earth is invaded, that's probably me. I really love One Tree Hill and the Enneageam Personality Test, so I would love to talk about this, PM me if you do too! Well that's me! I also accept random friend requests! 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png

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Breeding and BMIs

All horses that are currently or will be for sale, will be under "The Other Horses" tab. All my horses are negotiable prices, so PM me if you're interested! All other horses are NOT for sale.

I have two fully BLUPed Quarter Horse stallions! Ones name is Legal Gold and the other is Frozen Creek. If you would like a covering, I can reserve one for you! :)

I have TONS of BMIs right now! So if you would like to trade, PM me!
Updated: October 11th
5th Element - 5
Achilles' Heel - 16
Aphrodite's Tears - 3
Apollo's Lyre - 26
Artemis' Arrow - 9
Black Orchid - 3
Bonus Pack - 8
Chronos' Timer - 4
Croesus' Fortune - 10
Fertility Wand - 9
Golden Apple - 5
Harmony Pack - 3
Helios' Ray - 25
Hera's Pack - 3
Horn of Plenty - 6
Hypnos' Blanket - 17
Medusa's Blood - 18
Morpheus' Arms - 2
Nyx Pack - 2
Philotes' Stroke - 17
Piece of Cloud - 9
Ploutos' Parchment - 6
Poseidon's Pack - 10
Water of Youth - 6

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