There has recently been a death in our family so I might not be online for a couple of days while we handle affairs.
Due to real-life obligations that have priority, time for Howrse is limited.  I am not leaving the game, just less active.

There is no need to allow a game to consume your entire life.  
It is just a game.  

Please resist the temptation to buy a "dormant" account so you can use its resources.  If you did not earn the resources yourself, through actual game play (not co-management, not a script), or purchase those resources from Howrse with real money, you are trafficking.  That is cheating and it will eventually catch up with you. 
 If you do the math, one trafficked account that does 145 BLUPs will use over 8,700 Aging Points.
Howrse sells APs for 9 passes each.
8,700 AP times 9 passes each is 78,300 passes.
In order to buy that many passes with real money, I would have to spend over $2250.
That is theft from Howrse and honest players.

I have always and will always play my game with INTEGRITY.  With that said, I will not act out in retaliation if someone thinks or plays different than I do.  I will not resort to behavior that would be considered unfair by running scripts, trafficking, using multiple accounts, stomping, or bullying in ANY way.

“THINK” before acting
T — Is it True?
H — Is it Helpful?
I —- Is it Inspiring?
N —- Is it Necessary?
K —- Is it Kind?

“Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter…”-Anon

Glitter Words