My Breeding Projects

I focus on training mares/geldings (no stallions, unless it is too late to geld them) that will have over 1000+ skills. I am ALWAYS willing to negotiate on prices so that 1000+ skillers are available to non-pass buyers (like me) and people with a lower ranking. PM me with offers! ALL my horses are for sale to anybody for the right price!


Number of horses with skills from 1000-1099: 1 horse

Number of horses with 1100+ skills: 3 horses



Breeding Group



-Well, I recently learned how to use GIMP, so if you want, I can make you avatars and stuff! I CANNOT make layouts, but I can make some OK banners. I'm trying to learn to code, but that may take a while. I don't ask for any pay, really, no passes or BM items, but sometimes I do ask for:


-Black Orchids

-Horse Dung

-Health Mashes



Every horse that I own is for sale for the right price! See one you like? PM me! The horse that I am declaring for sale are below:


JinxLikeAnEcho862.71 Painted Goddess☼

1100+ skiller! SO close to being fully bolded, just needs 1-3 more skill points to finish up jumping! Would like 500e and 1-2 passes, 80,000e, or 500e and a BM item.


BM Items


Boreas Lunge...x2

Black Orchid...x2

Nyx Pack...x1

Posiden Bridle...x1

Posiden Horseshoes...x1

Golden Spurs...x1

Daphnes Laurels...x1

Aphrodites Tears...x1

Morphious' Arms..x1

Pandora's Box...x1

Fertility Wand...x1

Eolus' Wind...x1

Chronos Timer...x1

PM me with offers!







Crucchy97 and I have started a Paint Breeding Group! PM either of us for excellant foals, skiller horses, and BM trades! We are both looking for CHRONOS TIMERS! Image and video hosting by TinyPic 


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