Feel free to PM me if you want to chat but keep in mind that I am an adult player. If you are a minor, please ask your parents before contacting me.

I enjoy helping players with questions about the game. I try to post the most common questions in my forum with their answers.

~ I’m a gamer, a former collector of critters, and an anime junky. I’ve played most of the Elder Scroll and Fallout games. I love Zelda games but haven’t played the newest or ever bothered to beat TP. I play Rust (if you can call what I do playing -_-) and Banished (I love that game.) Mostly RPGs. Right now, I have a snake and an assortment of cats that kind of keep showing up at my door. I’m up to five now. (Why can’t I just say no?!)

As far as anime goes I love Hellsing Ultimate (if you hadn’t guessed), everything by Team Four Star (look up their stuff. It’s awesome), Gundam Wing, RahZephon, Bleach (first season), Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Knights of Sidonia, and on and on. I also watch the Last Air Bender and Legend of Korra.

PoE is a distant, not quite happy memory.
Araberrasse, now known as Stylized Arabians and Live & Learn, are recruiting!
I'm looking for active members who can breed their unicorns everyday, you'll need an AP farm or decent pass income to do this. I also need them to come to which ever team with a few mares of their own as well.

All of my unicorn mares for sale come with a 25% chance of giving a unifoal whether they are named that or not.
*Don't beg, though I don't mind being asked for help.

*No PMs with simply 'Hey' and a dozen smiley faces.

*I live under the philosophy that everything is for sale for the right price. This goes for everything on my account. Granted, the things I really like you are likely not going to be able to afford or want to pay as much as I want for it.

*No harm in inquiring about something but DO NOT beg or ask repeatedly for the same thing. Also, don't ask me what i'll sell for x amount of equus.

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