About me

> i'm a girl, and feel free to call me lucky < 

> coffee enthusiast < 
> i'm vegan <   
> AS in Biology <
> sleeping at last | gregory alan isakov | coldplay | dream, ivory | novo amor <
> i want to travel the world | 48/50 US states | 7 countries <
> i'm currently breeding Selles in my spare time | not considering joining a team <
> i love star wars and most of my breeding farm is named after it (when i have a peg/vip account) <
> i used to be a graphics artist and made my avatar, however i do not make them anymore <

/ message me if we have something in common, i'm always open to making new friends \ 


1/21/20: i'm selling most of my horses in the "friends don't lie tab", message me an offer
1/29/20 : all of my male unicorns are open to your mares, coverings from them are 500e
2/9/20 : looking to buy RC horses, and horses with HOG companions, message me if you have any and we can work out a price (:

4/5/20 : going to basic training for the next 2 months, my mom will be taking care of my account until my return in june, nervous but excited! thanks all.

6/15/20 : back from basic training, going to be busy with tech school for a while

currently looking for 

- anyone to run my EC competitions, it would be greatly appreciated
- horses with bee or ladybug companions, just PM me your price!
please send me a message if you do any of these!  


- congratulate my topaz to possibly win 10 passes
- stroke my xanthos for a chance to win a horn of plenty every day

- defrost my frost to possibly win a hypnos' blanket

my goal is collect horses on this game, so if you're quitting, feel free to donate your horses to my collection, i don't sell them and they'll be well taken care of :)

when negotiating a horse with me in messages, please make an offer and don't ask me what the lowest I will sell for is, and to go with this, please only negotiate on horses I have selected "negotiable" for in sales, thanks!

if you ever need help on the game or have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message because i love helping people out, i'm a very nice person

however, please refrain from asking me for free items, i worked hard to get to where i am now and rude messages will just be ignored

other than that, feel free to offer on any of my horses except for divines, and don't be surprised if i say no, i'm pretty attached to all my pixels xx

come again soon.