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Western Star Ranch

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About Me

Hello! In real life I have two of my own horses that stay with the rest of my families 12 horses.

I've grown up and live on a ranch in the U.S. I am a 21 year old who still goes to college so I don't get to play that often. 

On Howrse

I breed Quarter Horses, both purebred and crossbred. I also have QH Unicorns and dabble in other breeds when I have the time and resources. 

Don't be afraid to message me or add me as a friend! 

I like to chat about random things:)

I was here when you got a Golden Apple with your first horse.

I was here when the minimum price for ECs was 30 equus.

I was here when the Great Challenge  didn't exist, and the Lottery was rare.

I was here before all the coats got changed.

I was here before the Lippizans, Nokotas and Argentian Criollos.

I was here before the Chinese Divines and the Seal of the Apocalypse.

I was here before the Equestrian Forum, and before we could "heart," "quote," and use "spoilers."

I was here before the VIP Account.

I was here before Highland Ponies, Akhal-Tekes, and Icelandic Horses.

I was here before Gypsum's new coat, and here when the Cremello coat had blue eyes.

I was here before winged unicorns.

I was here before the new background format.

I was here when diamonds were a big part of the game. 

I was here when ScarecrOw, ArrOw, and MeOw weren't. 

I was here when you could still find Cowbra in the Directories. 

I was here when there were still Objectives.

I was here when you couldn't re-choose a username.

I am a true Howrser.

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