^.^ always wanted a black Arabian horse named Shadow. This is the closest I'll ever get to that dream and its awsome :D ^.^ hope to make friends and have more dream horses :D

Trying to get each breed of Unicorn there is. I have: Arabian, Mustang, Holsteiner, Paint, Gypsy, Paso, Thoroughbred, Connemara, Quarter Pony, Marwari, Hanoverian, Friesian, Standardbred, Fjord, Trakehner, Purebred Spanish, Russian Don, Hackney, Brumby, Quarter Horse, and Australian Pony. If anyone has a breed of uni that I don't have and is willing to sale pm me we can talk about price. Gender doesn't matter as long as it isn't a gelding.

My Grandpa lost his fight against cancer on April 10, 2012. We where all around his bed when he took his last breath. He will be loved and missed by us all.
Doing a cancer awareness walk. I give Love and Hope to others who are fighting it or know loved ones who are fighting it. <3 Hope to all, to live a long a joyful life with their loved-ones.