about me

Hello, hello! My name is Jay, or Duchess, or anything in between, all of it is fine by me. I'm an 18 year old college student studying international relations and politics (so far) in Pennsylvania. As of now, I'm in my second year and tracking to go into human rights diplomacy.

I work in education, mostly middle and high schools, and political advocacy. I did a brief spell writing and giving speeches, but these days my work is far more interpersonal with the occasional protest.

There's not a whole lot to say about myself, I'm a relatively simple person. I'm in the process of returning from a 2-3 year long hiatus, I think. I've been spending my time learning how to be a functional adult, writing, studying, and playing the Sims 4 whenever I can find the time to fix all the glitches and THEN play.

Side note, I most definitely won't be getting back into the competitive breeding or collecting. I'm here to do graphics and that is it. That said, if for whatever reason a horse catches your eye, I have no attachment to them, feel free to make offers.
my graphics

Per the last box, I'm testing the waters with returning from hiatus.

I've decided to go ahead and open my custom orders, contact for further information.

I specialize in and prefer to do layouts and banners, although I am currently not doing any sort of animation work for either. Any and all orders will be still as of now while I sort out what my computer can handle.

I've done graphics on and off for the past 10 years or so, I started off working with PowerPoint and Google Docs to produce some of my work, these days I work exclusively with Photoshop.

I do have the occasional phase where nothing irritates me more than coding, as it can be both time consuming and tedious from beginning to end. I always come back to it, though.

In the past, I have had outlined lessons for graphics and coding, but given that I am certainly a little rusty, I am not currently doing any sort of "teaching." I will, however, look over your code and fix it, or otherwise provide critiques.

Please do feel free to contact me about any graphics competitions.