Yes! I finally found out how to change this. Its been like four or five years since I changed this again. 

     So about my game I suppose, Here we go!

I started out breeding Arabians but nowadays Im probably going to focus more on Selle Francais and Draft horses. Its all for fun, Seriously I just come here to click around, that being said nearly all of my horses, you can send me an offer for and if I like it then well horse is yours, please don't get offended if I say no. 

     A little bit about me? Do people still do that? Anyways

I am a quiet when I first meet slash start typing to you, and then once you get to know me or I start to type to you more often I am not so quiet. I draw a lot, have a lot of ideas for art in the future once the world decides its not dying right now. I have an Instagram if you would like to see my art; what_did_I_come_here_for ; I made it also a while ago so don't judge me.  But if you want to talk to me, I encourage it but know I am an adult female. I am also going Stircrazy with this Quarantine, and now I have to go grocery shopping and my eye sockets a little bruised from me itching my eye because of allergies and I swear its going to be the next Salem Witch trials if I sneeze in the grocery store and I am terrified. So how is your day going? message me either on here or Instagram.