- Wait? Is this an online game related to horses (sort of), or a religious/biological preference  poll? I don't get the need to advertise your religion and/or biological preference everywhere you go - unless of course, you question it yourself? Just wondering ... and definitely not interested in the deity you choose to worship. Likewise for your political views. This isn't Facebook. Trust me when I say it really does not make you all that interesting (well to anyone but you and your bar buddies of course!).

Random Fact: The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, weighing up to 150 tons and measuring up to 90 feet long.Naturally, an animal this massive would have an equally massive heart.
Roughly the size of a small car, the blue whale's heart weighs about 1,300 pounds.
To move blood through its massive body and huge arteries, it's heart beats so powerfully, you can hear it from two miles away.
You just might miss it, though, as its heart only beats eight to ten times per minute.


I am no longer going to support a game that's so unbelievably disrespectful to its players. 

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Welcome to my page  

** Take heed: I am an adult player. Minors must have parental consent to communicate with me.

Keep in mind:
None of these statements are meant to be 'mean'. They are simply stated for your information.  

(1)  I am not here to participate in idle chat . . . .I prefer meaningful conversation . . . ..If you have a point to convey, please state it in the title. . . . . .this means I generally ignore pm's with "hey" or "hi"
<addendum:  a polite thank you for catching one of my UFO's is always appreciated>

(2)  If my horse is not listed for sale, guess what?  That includes my Divines. . . NOT for sale! 

If the horse is listed for sale but not listed as "negotiable", then there is no negotiating to be done.  PM's will be ignored.

(3) Please no begging for horses, equus, or BMI's because someone scammed you or your neighbor's bosses uncles' friends'

sisters' daughters' dog just died. I have been known to be help players' who truly need it (or deserve it) but will not allow you to take 

advantage of me. Also note: I just said "please". If you disrespect this request and insist on pestering me, I will report and block you.  ツ

(4) NO, I am not interested in buying one of your horses unless it is within 10 points of the highest ranking horse on the game.

(5) Please DO NOT send me advertisements for giveaways or whatever else you had in mind (joining your breeding group,

forum adds, RPG's, horses for sale, competitions, etc.). I really dislike having to report players for doing this . . . which, by the 

way, is against game rules (the sending, not the reporting in case you thought I was confused)

(6) NO RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS ACCEPTED. I am not looking to gain over 6000 friends 

as a popularity contest. This has become necessary as I have recently spent two (2) hours cleaning up my friend list of those that never bother to help during a promotion or congratulate me occasionally.

(7) If I have to decipher your pm because it contains chat speak, the chances are very slim that I will reply to you.

(8) Competitions: "Stomping" is the act of entering a horse or horses into a competition for the sole purpose of willfully 

hindering someone's progress. Like bullying, it is a form of torment. If I were purposefully stomping your horse, I would have

to be logged on 24/7 and waiting for you . . . which I am not!! I enter competitions for my own gain and try my best to avoid 

comps of blupping horses (unless I am also blupping).

(9) I live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest of the US.

I have ridden my entire life ~ at times I've trained and shown Dressage professionally (USDF certified)

I am now learning to drive a carriage!! So much different from riding. bwbuggy2.gif

(10) I am owned by a small herd of cats and miniature horses, which explains my enjoyment of the cat jokes and pictures below (when I get around to reposting them).


11. I am a trustworthy trader. Go to my EC forum to read comments about my trades with other players. Unless I know you, I do not go first in trades.

Do I accept random friend requests??? [image]tumblr_mowtmcLj8X1stcny1o1_500.gif

10513272_962507130460391_541825907930483tumblr_mgks74Uwb61rrqglzo1_500.gif  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-0CqGHNZFlqp8ZLiUBtH funny-animal-captions-005-005.jpg


I thought this was appropriate as I have a breeding pair of barn owls on my property and this looks just like one of the new fledglings :-)
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