Hello and welcome to my page

This presentation is still under construction.
Real Life has gotten in the way, so I'm not as active as I used to be, however, I'll still log on from time to time and take care of some of my horses and take part in some events.
I accept all friend requests.
I have gotten into The Untamed or Mo Dao Zu Shi, very entertaining and engaging show, I loved it. Other than that, if you shoot me a PM and I don't respond it's probably because I don't log in that often these days.

Now is as good a time as any to update after however many years I guess. I go by Rose or Oly, whatever you prefer. I'm an adult player now so just a heads up. Currently I'm trying to focus on school but I'm trying not to make it my main focus.
Recently, I discovered the joys of playing dinosaur games so I probably spend more time on The Isle than on here these days.
Breeding wise, I'm not sure if I have a specific goal going forward but I've taken an interest in Thoroughbreds although my schedule prevents me from doing anything truly competitive.
I have recently focused more attention back on RPGs but I doubt it will be the same and as I mentioned before, I have a busier schedule that prevents me from logging on here more often. I'll probably role play with some old buddies but I can't make any promises on starting a new RP with the way my schedule is at the moment.