Looking for these coats please pm me if you have any thank you.


Unicorn Appaloosa Chestnut Blanket800-normal.png





(l).png?54j4845Gds4u1 Welcome to my page (l).png?54j4845Gds4u1

I breed all breeds but Newfoundlands, Lusitanos and Australian Ponies are my current favorites right now.

I accept all friend requests and always send every friend lottery ticket/piñata help etc. I do however delete if you have not been on in more than 60 days. If you need / want help feel free to ask and I will help anyway I can.

Please note if my horses are not in the sales then they are not for sale

I am an adult player ^).png?1828806360. I have four horses in real life two Standardbreds and two Miniature ponies. I also have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 2 Guinea Pigs.

I will buy any horse for under 5000e simply reserve them for me or pm me to let me know they're in the sales.  I also do not breed from my farm fillers. On a side note if I buy your colt it is mine so please don't send hate because Ive gelded him. :).png?1828806360


Please congradulate me and visit my EC forum and sign my guest book, I'll return every congratulation and signature!