Not active any more. Probably won't ever be active again.
I log in sometimes to admire the new CS coats, and report stolen art. That's all.

(October 2018) Blimey, it's odd that people still congratulate me, and send me frequent messages about art and stuff! It's quite sweet. Sorry if I don't reply in time.

For anyone curious what I'm doing nowadays: solo-developing an online game.
It's a fantasy RPG mixed with genetic breeding simulation. You play the role of a wizard who breeds a flock of mythical creatures to conquer a continent of floating islands and carry out tasks. Currently they have over 100 coat, personality and build genes, and can learn dozens of skills and battle moves.
You also need to improve your character's strength and run a fortress back at home. Creatures don't have their own HP or MP - they all use yours, whatever spells or battles you tell them to do, anywhere on the continent. You'll need to keep teleporting supplies back and forth, unlocking doors for them, commanding teams of them to get past waves of invading forces... sounds challenging, huh? :)

I won't go into more detail here. You are welcome to message me if you want to find out more (or even join as a tester).

It's very challenging, doing all the programming, writing, art and webdesign alone. Loving it though. One year ago, I had never even seen a line of PHP, and now the game mechanics are all here - breeding, crafting, trading, messaging, forum, battling, customisation, explorable maps... I wonder how it'll end up, when finished and polished?

As for Howrse. I will be keeping all my pretty horsies, for now.
It took years and years to build up these huge valuable collections.
One day - don't know when - I'll finally decide to give everything away. :)