About My Howrse

Hello! I've been on Howrse for over 10 years, with some substantial breaks obviously, but I came back to make friends and breed some horses.
I much preferred Howrse when I first joined, but alas, things tend to change over time. But if you have any pictures of the really old Howrse graphics, please please PLEASE pass them on to me, I miss them dearly. By first Howrse graphics, I mean when Standardbred foals were lying down on the ground, and TBs and Arabs looked exactly the same. If you're curious what these look like, PM me, I have some examples and they're fun to look at!

About Me

I'm a 24 year old in Canada, working to save up for school so sometimes that interferes with how active I can be on here. I'm a trans guy, so I've been taken away from the game for a while to focus on work and start transitioning, so my activity will be spotty
I don't share much information about myself online unless we've become close friends, so either be content with this or befriend me!

About My Horses

I used to have two horses in real life, one named Envy and another named Hazel, but with university they've moved on to better homes where I'm welcome to visit them.
I won't bore you with explanations of all of my folders and horses, but any horses that are for sale will be in the "other horses" folder. I breed Thoroughbreds (very slowly, and don't often sell them, but if interested in one shoot me a PM) and Percherons (coverings available occasionally, PM me and we might be able to work something out!)
I have started breeding unicorns! I started with one Arab unicorn mare, Rags to Riches, and one Shetland mare, Fiona. Rags has thrown many unicorn foals (and continues to, since I gave her a P stone and will be selling her uni foals once her babies start producing higher GP uni foals than she does), but Fiona only threw one, so it will take longer before I'll be selling any Shetland uni foals. Any uni fails starting April 3rd 2018 will be given the affix |.Rejects.| simply so I can keep track of them. If you are buying one of my uni fail foals and want the affix removed, you can message me, I will remove the affix, and reserve the horse for you on an agreed price (price goes up if you want affix removed). THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I WILL EVER REMOVE ONE OF MY AFFIXES. I will not remove affixes on any of my unicorns, TBs, Percherons, or any other breed.

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