I will buy ANY foundation (gaia x onteros) if you have some you would like to sell PM me and reserve it for me! currently looking for partners/teammates interested in foundation and NIB unicorn breeding. I have several foundation breeds but love the aussies and vanners. 

0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png?137722501I accept friend requests from active players wanting to exchange help in promos-help me and i'll always return the favor! ADD ME- CLICK HERE!

I am always looking for a breeding buddy so I can breed my foundation unis (and other horses) more! If you would like a covering please let me know- I have lots of foundie uni studs! I do not keep them in the public coverings often. (I have quite a few aussies and gypsys! foundation and NIB)

Happy News! today (7-14-15) I foaled my first NIB greenstar foal. I've been so busy and haven't bred in MONTHS- I bred 2 of my foundation aussie unis together and got a regular aussie foal- but it had a greenstar! with foundies parents!

CAUTION: Selling RC horses is how I fund almost everything on my game so You will likely be blocked for offering (for example) 1 pass for a horse that is listed at 10 passes- thats generally taken as an insult. its like going to a car dealership and asking to buy a brand new truck for $5000 when the price tag says $50,000. So please don't do it or you may be blocked!

Stroke Xthanos:



before you PM me- please do not PM me multiple times in a row (the only exception is if you have forgotten to say something very important.)  don't send me a pm asking me to look at your fourm. if you need something please ask me directly. I do not do bidding in fourms either. I will respond to your PM when I am online. If you do not hear back from me in 5 to 7 days you may PM me again. Do not make bad offers on my horses. if I have a horse listed for 5 passes and 500e (for example) that is marked negotiable, that does not mean EVER that I will take 2k- so don't offer that. when I mark a horse negotiable I will usually take 1 less pass or take equus instead (I go by the general value that 1pass is about equivalent to 100k) I will never GIVE a horse away- don't ask!             *****IF you PM with with a crazy low offer I MAY pm you back and let you know what I have said above to educate you and give you an opportunity to make a reasonable offer, if you do not, than please note you will more than likely be blocked/blacklisted.****

The things listed below are things I am looking for, please PM me and tell me what you want to sell, how many, and how much you want.

Always looking for Golden Apples

pricing for foundies-

donkeys dont need to be foundies- pay 2500e for any donkey. will pay more if it has coverings left or training done etc.

ponys- foundation with all training done 2500e to 3500e

horses- foundation with all training done 2500e to 3500e

pegaus- foundation with all training done 5000e to 10,000e

unicorns- please inquire.

Most horses for sale!!! if you buy more than 1 I will lower the price for each extra horse!!! Please PM me if interested. Unicorns included!!!

Please approve/vote for my friends idea!!!