#2 Camarague uni team is recruiting!!! NIB aussie uni team in need of comp fillers- will return the favor for your team! Please PM me if interested!

BUYING ANY HORSE OR FOAL FOR 2400e! CURRENTLY BUYING TROPHY HORSES!  I will buy ANY foundation (gaia x onteros) if you have some you would like to sell PM me and reserve it for me! currently looking for partners/teammates interested in foundation and NIB unicorn breeding. I have several foundation breeds but love the aussies and vanners. 

0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png?137722501I am an adult player. I accept friend requests from active players wanting to exchange help in promos-help me and I'll always return the favor! If you would like to add me for another reason, please PM me and let me know what that is so I can keep track! ADD ME- CLICK HERE! 

If you would like a covering please let me know- I have lots of foundie uni studs!  (I have quite a few aussies and gypsys! foundation and NIB)

Xthanos 1                   Xthanos 4
Xthanos 2                   Xthanos 5
Xthanos 3

Archimedes        Frost

Topaz 1
Topaz 3
Topaz 4
Topaz 5
Topaz 6

Happy News! today (7-14-15) I foaled my first NIB greenstar foal. I've been so busy and haven't bred in MONTHS- I bred 2 of my foundation aussie unis together and got a regular aussie foal- but it had a greenstar! with foundies parents! 

before you PM me- please do not PM me multiple times in a row (the only exception is if you have forgotten to say something very important.)  don't send me a pm asking me to look at your fourm. if you need something please ask me directly. I do not do bidding in fourms either. I will respond to your PM when I am online. If you do not hear back from me in 5 to 7 days you may PM me again. 

The things listed below are things I am looking for, please PM me and tell me what you want to sell, how many, and how much you want.

Always looking for Golden Apples and will buy ANY horse or foal for 2000e

pricing for foundies- 20,000e+

donkeys don't need to be foundies- pay 3500e for any donkey. will pay more if it has coverings left or training done etc.

ponys- foundation with all training done 25000e to 35000e

horses- foundation with all training done 25000e to 35000e

pegasus- inquire

unicorns- please inquire.

Most horses for sale!!! if you buy more than 1 I will lower the price for each extra horse!!! Please PM me if interested. Unicorns included!!!