Gypsy Vanner Breeder

Price List

0-4000 GP Female: 5000e-10,000e or 500 and 1 pass

5000+ GP Female: 15,000e or 10,000 and 1 pass

0-4000 GP Male: 5000e-8,000e or 500 and 1 pass

5000+ GP Male: 13,000e or 5000e and 1 pass

Price Addition of Black Market Items

The additional cost of Black Market items will be totalled by the worth of a pass and how many passes each item costs.

1 pass item: 10,000e
2 pass item: 15 000e
3 pass item: 20 000e
Element: 25,000e

EXCLUSIONS: Piece of Cloud, Ploutos' Parchment