Hey everyone, I am sea starj or Sea for short. I am a full time college student with two part-time jobs so my life can sometimes get a little crazy. Along with school and my jobs, I train horses and competitively barrel race. I also love to trail ride and work cattle for fun.

I took a long hiatus and was very fortune to have a dear team member look after my account for me while I was busy with real life. I am currently back and devoting my time to helping out my teams, working on building my unicorn farm, and building my trophy collection.

       I am fortunate enough to be apart of two wonderful teams, Incitato and Sikoa.

Team History:

Ataraxia (Knabs) ~2013

Leyenda (Crios) ~2013

Espiritu (Crios) ~2013

Gaited (Walkers) ~2013

Blazers (QH) ~2013

Eternity (Barbs) ~2013

Incitato (Lippis) ~2014

LPDM (Stangs) ~2015

Sikoa (Arabs) ~2017

        I occasionally buy and sell horses. As of right now, I am buying:

-Donkeys/Drafts under 2 years old

-Any horses with companions

-Any horse for under 3,000e

        I buy most any BMI for the right price, I'm especially looking for:

~Aphrodites Tears ~Nyx Packs ~Philosophers Stone ~Horns of Plenty ~Titans Challenge ~Zues' Lightning Bolt ~Pandora's Box ~Croesus' Fortune ~Water of Youth