Looking to join a relaxed breeding group because I'm on my phone (:  you know how long it takes to blup on a phone? 4ever.
-Also looking to buy unicorns by the bunch 8bfaf7be049bd4fa5e254020733fe354.png

About me
Hey guys, im Lucas. I'm 22 year old Libra born on 10/13/1999. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado. I speak Spanish as well as I do English. I watch anime and read a lot. I race my Honda Civic and I go crazy everyday on trying to make ideas to have a passive income. I recently made it out of being homeless and im starting to love life a lot more now its weird how this game saw me as that 11 year old full of potential to this barely surviving mess. I bought my first pair of wrangler jeans and I can't get over myself lol I'm grown man finally. I get a long with people way older than myself because my mindset is super mature.
My game
I have been on this game for ever lol literally I think I signed up when i was 10. The people here have always been good supporters and an awesome place to run to when all else fails. I have a lot of legit love for some people on here to took extra time of of their day to make sure I was okay. I keep coming back to Howrse no matter how old I grow just because its a safe space and for that I thank everybody. Let's continue to have this awesome safe space nobody really knows about but us. For right now I am currently focused on collecting unicorns, donkeys, GA coats. I am also focused on cross breeding for right now this is how I make my funds. 
My e.c 
Lemme tell ya, I dont do much with my EC. But in my forum I do raffles.. might post another soon  
Shoot a friend request only if you are 18+ 
If you need help with any objective shoot me a PM. 
If you are selling any BM item I will buy in bulk.