PhantasmKiss gave me this absolutely amazing layout (which she admittedly got from craxor). I am eternally grateful, and perhaps a bit amused, as well.


As of right now, anything I want to trade is put up in the exchanges.

My Horses

I'm very casual, atm.



More about me

I live in NC, USA, I'm freelance writer who works from home. I'm honestly not a big horse person but this is one of the best browser games I've come across.  Even so, I've come to absolutely love my Marwaris and Gypsy Vanners.  I do game, I'm a fan of RPGs, specifically Bioware's games.  I also play Magic: The Gathering and, yes, collect turtles.

Now, what my friend said, which I leave up for a good smile:

I completely and totally rock. My friend wrote this for me. In fact, she just gave me a mass of code and told me to post it, leaving all this as a surprise. I am distantly amused.

I like turtles and all things turtley. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rock almost as much as my friend thinks that I do, and my favorite is Michaelangelo, with Raphael a close second. I'd say more about myself, but my friend (who is actually writing this as me) isn't sure how much she should say.

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