*Full Clarity is recruiting established players! please message NightstarStables or gogorun if you are interested!*

*FYI - I use auto comp and if I accidentally enter over you please message me politely and I will help you get wins ^^ *

I also use auto comp when comps are a mess and other people/teams don't fill for themselves please take this into account before messaging me

* Check out my sales, I have a lot of team horses for sale a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png they are all reasonably priced!* 

Hi my name is Kylo and welcome to my corner of the game. 
I am adult female player from the North East of the UK and I work full time, so if I am slow to reply to pm's this is why. 
My favourite thing in the world is Formula One! my favourite driver is Lando Norris (my avatar and layout), he drives for Mclaren and I have also been a fan of theirs for years. 
I also support Carlos Sainz, even though I am sad he is moving on to Ferrari in 2021. 
Other drivers I support: Max Verstappen, Alex Albon, George Russell, Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly.
Obviously I also like horses or I would not be here. 
My favourite breed of horses are the Arabian, KWPN, Marwari, Shire, Clydesdale, Thoroughbred and Shetland Pony. 
Also another thing you may be able to guess from my username is that I really like Star Wars.
I have a varied music taste as I like anything from Ariana Grande to Slipknot and everything in between. 
I also love Sim Dane, I love his F1 Parodies. 
I play my game in a non competitive way, I am just here to have fun. 
However I am in three teams and I focus on each one equally. 
I also enjoy making skillers and winning rosettes.  
Also please take into consideration that I do auto comp and if I enter over your blups please politely message me and I will fill for you.   Please don't message me asking me to sell my DA Smores, I will never sell this horse, thank you. 
Full Clarity: We are the #1 KWPN team on the game. I am a proud member and admin of this team and we are also recruiting, if you are interested in joining this amazing group of people please message gogorun.
Secrets of the mist: We are #1 Mustang team on the game and I am a proud member of this team.
Vilebloods Reign: We are the #1 Marwari team on the game. I am a proud member of this team and we are also recruiting if you are interested in joining another amazing group of people please message ratterrierlover for more information. 
Send it ...... : I have been breeding Marwari Unicorns on and off for a while now, so I decided to make this fun only team with friends so we can have some fun in a non competitive environment. We have no plans to become competitive and we are not recruiting
1. please be polite when messaging me.
2. No random messages please, state what you are messaging me about in the title.
3. I will not tolerate rude or mean players, whether it is directly at me or others. There is nothing worse than bullies.
4. Please don't invite me to your team, I will not be your VIP filler either.
5. Nothing is for sale unless it is in the sales, this is non negotiable. 
Also please don't ask for above GP sales or covers as it will not be happening.
6. The prices of my horses in the sales are non negotiable due to people in the past giving low ball offers.
I will also not reserve the horse to you and keep it there until you get the equus or passes, again this is due to people wasting my time.
I have been here a while, I have just about seen and heard it all.
7. Please don't create anything in my forum, if I see it, it will be deleted without hesitation.
7. I don't accept random friend request's I would rather get to know you first. 

I also want to thank Kayleen for the awesome avatar and layout!