Hello I'm HPGIRL 55 I am in college now so I do not come on very often but I still do come on regularly so feel free to message me, befriend me, or ask me any questions as I'm quite familiar with the game.

I am currently breeding only Lusitano horses and training them myself, I usually put my foals on the market right away but if they don't sell I just BLUP them myself and use them as a breeding stock or sell them.

I have quite alot of foals going into the sells right now, most are negotiable so you can send me offers.

If your are interested in any of my horses please let me know through PM with an offer. Do NOT ask me what is the lowest I will accept!

I have a great EC check it out!


~*HP Wonderland*~
Classical Riding
Forest Location

I will extend boarding for however long you want!
Please PM me HPGIRL55 if you want a reserved box or just go ahead and look it up yourself thank you!