About Me
I am 25 and happily married to my amazing husband. We have horses and dogs galore! I grew up loving and riding horses I decided to pursue a degree that would allow me to touch a horse every single day. I have done just that! My heart horse's name is Lakota and he has been by my side for roughly 11 years now. I purchased him with the thought of turning this roping horse into a barrel horse but I decided to take up leisure trail riding with him instead. He has taught so many itty bitty cowgirls and cowboys how to rope and ride! I train horses for a living at a riding camp that also sells horses. I also give riding lessons. (in the western discipline mostly).


game play

I am able to breed out great skillers! Check out my 'Skillers' farm where anything is for sale for the right price as well as the "working horses" farm. My 'Ready to Breed' farm is full of horse that can reserve a cover with any request. Check out their offspring for reference. Feel free to message me, add me as a friend or congratulate! I do try to respond or return the favor, always.