I am an adult player whom enjoys spending whatever free time I have between college semesters playing online games. In the rest of my free time that is not being squandered away working, I enjoy taking a moment (or a few!) to frolic idly with my 2 horses and my dog. =) The cat can come too...

As for my game, I collect an assortment of horses for my pony arsenal simply for my own enjoyment. I'm not one for playing the competitively aggressive game--though I often do pounce on high(er) GP horses to further progress my own game and EC--as my only real goal in this game is the hope that one day I'll have every one of my herd fully trained and BLUPed. I also rarely sell any of the horses I have collected, so if they are not already listed in the horse sales, then they are NOT for sale. If you happen to send me a friend request, please don't be upset if I don't accept it. I don't play as much these days, and so I either may not see the request or may forget one was sent. Thanks! 

Please feel free to check out my EC; now accepting high skilled boarders.