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A Little About Me

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  • My name's Stephanie. 
  • I'm 28yrs old. Born on May 2nd, 1990.
  •  I'm a female. 
  • I'm Married (October 21, 2017).
  • I have 3 younger siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister).
  • I own an 11 year old chihuahua mix.
  • I've lived in the same house my entire life. 
  • Born and raised in Virginia(USA). 
  • Horse and wolf are my favorite animals. 
  • I love photography. 
  • I love the color of fall!
  • I ride western style only. I was in training for barrel racing  years back but had to stop because my instructor went away to collage. I was actually ready to start competing but since she went away i had no horse to ride so i had to stop. I would love to get back on a horse and start riding again. These animals are AMAZING creatures.

If i have a horse for sale then it would be in the "for sale" tab. Please do not ask to buy a horse from me that is not in that tab, unless you are offering a lot of equus and or passes.




Currently all my Stallions that are old enough are offering coverings. Just let me know which stud you want and i'll give you a price

  • I accept all friend requests, but remember that i am an adult player. So please get parents permission before contacting me.
  • ANY and ALL donations are welcome. Especially aging points!

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