Hello! I go by Laura or Strato. I’m from New Zealand. I’ve been playing Howrse on and off for many years, so feel free to PM me with any questions about the game if you’re learning or stuck. I am also happy to help with objectives. Should you need me while I’m offline, my discord is LauraW#3378. Always happy to chat!

My horses are not for sale unless they are in any breeding farms called ‘for sale’, or are team stock foals below public release GP. Flick me a message if any catch your eye.

Some of my interests: Horses lol, pixel art, earth science, anthropology, linguistics, Minecraft, The Sims 4, movies (sci-fi/

Anyone else waiting for Helium to update? :’)
I’m currently a fulltime member for ᙖⲩⲅⳋⲉⲛᥕⲉⲅⲧⲏ (Criollos) and a parttime member for Lιttᥣᥱ Shᥱtᥣᥲᥒd Woᥒdᥱrs. If you’re after a Criollo skiller, please refer to the ᙖⲩⲅⳋⲉⲛᥕⲉⲅⲧⲏ team page. Recruitment information for either teams can also be found on the respective team pages.

I’ve been involved with several teams in the past (from oldest to latest): Superior Shetlands, H.O.P.E (Tekes) Wolf of the Moon (Shetlands), Wanderlust Dominion (Shagyas).
I enjoy making layouts and pixel avatars in my spare time. Scroll down here to see examples of my work.

Message me on discord (LauraW#3378) if you’d like a pixel avatar. Serious enquires only, as these take 6+ hours to make. I enjoy making them of irl horses (maybe one you own, ride, or know) — this makes my work feel more sentimental.

I can also do regular avatars, layouts, or matching sets (avatar-layout) for personal or team presentations. 



••• Archimedes ••• Frost ••• Topaz 1 2 3 4 5 ••• Xanthos 1 2 3 4 5 •••