Hello and Welcome to my page You can call me Lilly if you'd like. I accept all friend requests, the more friends the better! I will also return congratulations if I see them. I am a returning (Adult) player from long ago, and its so nice to be back :)  I play all sorts of games. Sky: children of the light, Stardew Valley, Bg3 (all hail Astarion), Conan Exiles, Destiny 2, and Rust are some of my favs.
I mostly breed Thoroughbred horses and unicorns, with a side goal of getting every iris coat color. I also have a love of shetland ponies and curly horses. 12/15/23 I’ve started a Thoroughbred Unicorn team ~Wish for the Horn~   12/21/23 I joined the team Valencia's Thoroughbreds I’m incredibly excited lol. 12/26/23 Somehow Wish for the Horn is 2nd place in prestige and 4th place in GP. I’m amazed and grateful to my teams help.