Welcome! My name is miniuni, and if you're wondering what that means, I used to play another game called horseland when I joined, and at the time I was obsessed with these pony-sized unicorns on the site that everyone called mini unis.


^ This was my most favorite of my mini unis on the site! His name's Mini Frost!

I am not nearly as active on this game as I used to be back in the day. For the past few years now I've mainly just been logging on monthly to avoid losing the account altogether from inactivity. I really like certain events like the cards and pinatas though, so if I see those are happening I'll usually stick around for that time. 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png

When I am on I work mostly on my unicorn lines. Most of my unicorns are arabians, though I have a few other breeds as well. If you happen to see any you like I'm fairly open to negotiate. I'm also looking to work my way up the victory ranking with some of my horses!

Oh yeah, I guess I'm also an adult player now. Crazy to think how long I've been on this game! a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png