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~Looking for the following horses currently: See Forum

~ I predominately breed, buy, and sell unicorns, though I do dabble in high GP horses, especially KWPNs, Selle Francaises, and Lusitanos. Other than that, I am always looking to complete trophies. If you can help, send a PM!

~I don't return horses sold on accident.

~I'd be happy to place an Apollo's Lyre on any horse that you want through my Apollo's Privilege. Let me know if you are interested!

~I am always looking for more GA's (both the horses and the BM item). I'm looking to give all my permanent unicorns/winged unicorns either GAs, RCs, 5Es, or VAs.

~I have a lot of rare coats that are in my "To Sell" tab. If you're interested, take a look! (Sorry, I know it's cluttered :-))

~Currently more active on my secondary account on British server, apologies for any delays!

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