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I have focused on three main breeds and then selected four others to work with as well. I choose the black Friesians because the calendars of them are always so beautiful. I like the different coats/colors of the Paints. The Newfoundlands are really cute and I had mermaid names from the Hatchling game for them. Because of several cross breeding among my choices, I had Standardbreds, Arabians and Thoroughbreds, so I decided to continue with them apart and they do the trot race, gallop race and country jumping. The very first time I tried the game I chose Irish hunters so I picked them again as well.
Nokota were a surprise, I chose to keep. 
I also have one farm that has one of each of the breeds on Howrse (not already included). 
I have pegasus, unicorn, and winged unicorn for each breed.
I have all the Newfoundland Vintage Apples and I am going for the Shetland Vintage Apples now.
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