Giveaway Winners: Please read the Giveaway Info & Updates posts before PM-ing me about getting passes instead of horses. If what you want as a prize is not sorted before the 4th of August, then I will take it as you forfeiting your prize and randomly give it to someone else.

Also, there are still a few BMI and Vouchers winners who have yet accepted their prize, please do so asap!

I have had this account for nearly 10 years now, and after a lot of thinking...

I've decided it's time I let go.

Please PM me if:
1. You would like to put in an offer for any horses
2. You have any questions I can answer.

Rules for horse sale:
1. Please send reasonable offers, aka don't offer 10 passes for a 100RC horse.
2. Do not message me about non-sellable divines, I will be annoyed.
3. Please take care of my horses, not expecting much from AP horses but I've had some of these horses for years now.
4. Any leftover horses will be sold in auction or direct sales. (In Sales NOW!)
5. Other leftover horses will be put up as prizes if they do net get sold in auction/direct.
6. I promised a friend some of my horses, they are in the Memories tab, NOT FOR SALE.


AP horse - If you buy less the 30 or have specific horses = 3,000 eq/each SOLD OUT

More then 30 and randomised = 1,500 eq each
GA - Depends on BMIs (300k equus no P.Stone, 450k eq with P.Stone)
RC - Depends on BMI's, horse stats and rarity

Divines - Around market price? Check my Sales SOLD

PM me offers! Prices are negotiable!
Notes: I've entered phase of clearance, check my Sales for price approximations. Negotiable in most cases!

The giveaway has concluded but I will be leaving the sidenote up for a while longer.
In order to comply with Howrse rules on player hosted giveaways and item/pass trafficking:
Giveaway prizes will only include BMIs and 'Vouchers' for horses in the public Sales for a certain amount of passes. (Which will then be reserved to you at 500 equus.)
Alternatively: If you are selling a horse already at the price of your voucher, I will buy it then give away the horse for 500 equus to a random player.
This is just so I don't end up hosting an illegal giveaway as my last 'hurrah' here on horse...

(Yes, the final horse prizes have been placed in direct sales and sold for 500eq, congratulations to the lucky players!)