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Looking for Bewitched Pumpkin coats: Ghost and Pumpkin.

Looking for Immortal Unicorns, will pay from 160k to 200k depending upon bonuses! Please Pm me if you are selling any of them!

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New RPG! Rhedonia! Please Come and join up!Limited Space

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What Is Your Dying Will Flame Attribute?
What Is Your Dying Will Flame Attribute?
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About Me!

Welcome to my page and the all about me section! To simply put things is that I'm an anime freak! I try to watch every single movie, video etc. but I know for a factt that I won't see everything because there is so much to see.

I enjoy howrse very much especially since I play this game with my sister and often help each other out. I haven't been on as long as many other players on this game but I hope that I can help others.


For Sale!

If you see a horse, pegasus etc. that you like in sales and if you want it. Send me an e-mail with an offer and I will consider it. 

Horses in all tabs are up for negotiations including the ones labled Unicorns, Mystical Oceans, StarClanWarriors, Mixed Critters. Before you think about asking for a price know this... I will not take offers of 500e for any of my horses...I took time to breed them and care for them so please no offers under 750e.

Black Market Items for Sale!

10 Pandora's Box

10 Water of youth

10 Philotes' Stroke





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