i have a few mares that are for sale that were covered on the first day of the month using the Divine Isis and with a fertility wand so they will have several offspring. some are drafts and some are donkeys.  some have more coverings left. please check them out. the sales are negotiable.

happy howrsing

I quit playing the game for a couple of years and only logged in once a month, but I have been back since December of last year. Just quietly chilling in my little corner of howrse. I missed the game and for the most part the community, but I missed all my friends on the game. I'm back! I'm an adult, please get your parents permission before contacting me.

I made my avatar from scratch. NO STEALING!9e19759ee26e1600b92e668d3f345a40.png Planning on updating my presentation profile. So profile is under construction.