...A little about Sandman Stables...

Toddler Boy Mom.
Cats. Dogs.

I'm back, but being picky as to what I dedicate my game time to these days. 
Curlies are still and will forever be my true game love, so chances are you'll see most of my time dedicated there.
I also love my Gypsy Vanner unicorns (foundation stock!) so from time to time, I'll work on those, too. 

I am forever grateful for the teams I've been on in the past, the people I've met through Howrse and the methods of game play I've learned over the almost decade I've had my account.

I took a hiatus from the game for a bit when I had my son but am ready to get back to it, putting my AP farm, my items and my skills to good use.

I have re-prioritized my life.
Family, especially my children, ALWAYS comes first. 
And my career.
Then Howrse.
But I'm not going anywhere <3

Yes, I autocomp most of my BLUPs. No, I am not out to target you/your BLUPs.