About Me

*I'm an Adult player*
I am a howrse original,  started in the first year or two of the game, but didn't play seriously. I stopped playing and a couple years later I created this account and started playing again!
I'm a huge animal lover and avid equestrian. I own a clydesdale mare who I used to compete with (hunter/jumper) but mostly just hack around with now.
I'm also an artist and specialize in pet portraits!


About My Game

**Current Happenings**

April 23 2023
I'm back to give this game another try!

July 16 2018: wow, my 1900th day! and a couple days ago I reached my 8th howrse anniversary!
I'm mostly working on building up my supply of APs and Equs, with occasional breeding.

My Game:
I used to play obsessively and had a VIP account and did quite a bit of breeding.
It has been some time since I've been so invested in the game and no longer have the resources to play at that level.
I would love to have some serious howrse friends to work with and enjoy the game together!