The Horses of Arannash

Tiana, Lily, Jojo and Brego

I accept random friend requests to support each other in promos.8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png

I also play on:-
International, UK, Australian & Canadian Servers

I am a non pass buying adult player.
I do work full time and play on 5 servers - sometimes only covering the basics.
I also have horses in the real world (my avatar is one of them), which I love spending time with them and it takes time to do them justice.

I try to return all congratulations when I see them but time restriction can hinder this.
I try to answer all messages but sometime it may be a day or 2 before I can get back to you.
I help in promos where possible.

I generally only buy horses with higher GP than I have in my training tab and I only buy them to compete and keep my level up, usually from the general sales.
Low/various GP horses (foal tab) are only purchased for the daily achievements and usually will be matched to trophies so are found with Trophy in their name.
I am however happy to to offer coverings for other horses with unrestricted coverings.

Please do not ask or beg me to give you aging points, equus, BM items etc.  I work hard, sometimes with very little time and with a lot of frustration to gain these items for myself.
Please do not ask or beg to buy any of my horses unless they have "sale" in their name.
Please do not ask or beg to get a covering from equine that are restricted to 3 coverings.

Please do not offer or worse put horses in the reserved sales that I have not asked for or do not have higher GP than currently in my training tab.
Please do not try to reward me for helping by reserving horses for me and insisting I buy them with prices I would never pay for them regardless of the BMIs on them - seriously they would have be something really special.

Finally, it is unfortunate but even when I try to be diplomatic and not offend people, people do not seem to take the hint and get rather insistent . . .
If I have already advised that no one appreciates people asking/begging for freebies when we have all worked hard to get where we are this means NO!

Quick Links:-

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  Topaz 2    Archimedes
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