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Hi and welcome to my page.

I play Howrse as a hobby. I have had this account for over 4 years. My speciality is in breeding high quality Arabians. I am a HUGE LoZ (Legend of Zelda) fan and have played about 8 of the games in the franchise.

My Goals on Howrse:

1.Get 40 friends [   ]                                                         2.Achieve 1000 congratulations [X]                                  3.Get a female Divine horse [X]                                       4.Get a male Divine horse [X]                                       5.Breed a Divine [X]                                                         6.Get a female Wild horse [   ]                                         7.Get a male Wild horse [   ]                                         8.Breed a horse/pony with 3000+ Genetic Potential  Example: Unknown Of Golden Hills   GP Total: 3341.24                                                                            9.Breed a horse/pony with 4000+ Genetic Potential. Example: Atlantis Of Moonstruck Stars  GP Total: 4206.71    10.Breed a Horse/Pony with 5000+ Genetic Potential. Example: 伝説 ✧♈Zodiac Diamonds♈✧ GP Total: 5089.09

Will be adding some more information soon

My first Divine horse was Summer I got him on the 27/04/2015 at 17:19 GMT, finally I have a divine horse after wating almost FIVE YEARS wanting to get one. I got him out of my 2nd Golden Fleece. 

Here he is: Summer My Divine Beauties♫

My second Divine horse was Charming Red I got him on the 27/11/2015 at 16:40 GMT, I got him from my first Titan's Challenge.

Here he is: Charming Red My Divine Beauties

On 17/11/2015 at 19:29 GMT, I have gone pass the 500,000 equus mark.                                                                               At 08/02/2016 at 22:56 GMT I went past the 1,000,000 equus mark


Message me to let me know if you want a Covering off any of my horses.

My First horses:

1st horse ..Dance U May.. Of Golden Hills  2nd horse: **♡Warrior Heart♡ <----(When I first started howrse I accidently gelded it, after that I then sold it and now Angie1985 owns him.

<:o).png?1828806360(y).png?1828806360WINNERS ! !<:o).png?1828806360(y).png?1828806360

100th person- trees818

200th perosn- xx clodagh xx

300th person- RubyandShadow4ever

400th person- 1Dluv

500th person- HERA

600th person- potterhorse8

700th person- Kastanje (15/11/2015)

800th person- SaddlebredGirl (25/02/2016)

900th person- 3iLiDh (09/04/2016)

1000th person- Gets a purebred foal or horse with 5500+ GP

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