About me 
When i First created my Account, i used to own Budgerigars and to those who Don't know what a Budgerigar is, it's a Small Australian Parakeet (Bird). My Birthday is March 3rd, I'm Currently 23. If you See my Horse's Named Lucy and Gana, please  Don't send me messages offering price's for them as im not selling them as they are very special to me, Gana was named after my cat who unfortunately passed away on the 24th of January 2015, he would have been three years old that year, (please don't ask what happened as it's still upsetting for me), Lucy is my Foundation Mare and never going to be for sale, so don't ask.
My other howrse server's I'm on
Howrse Servers im on: This one, AU, UK and Canadian server's all under the username Budgie12
I Don't normally buy passes but i found it''s helped my game a lot lately, i am generally a nice person but i will call you out if your mean to another player and especially if you claim that a certain player was mean and nasty to you when i know that the player is never like that and that your lying . A few months ago in one of the howrse groups i used to be in on Facebook , i called out the player who created that group because they lied and where making rumor's about other players, Mods and Admins etc., they claimed that one of the players (that im friends with on international howrse) was supposedly being horrible to them and i knew that it was a lie just to get other players to be mean to this one player. The player that i called out is a lady in her 50's - 60's (Roughly)and i find it a bit sad that someone of that age to bully players who are much younger than her.
Breeding Teams
Currently my Breeding Teams are open and are looking to recruit players, my Breeding teams are: Hanoverian Crossbreds and flying selle francais, the only rules that i have that apply for both teams are: 1.be polite, 2.help each other out, 3. don't steel horses from the team, 4. it's completely fine if you offer public coverings, 5. Don't loan horses out to other players without my permission first.

If Your looking for a way to get aging points then click the link below