Please do not send me a message offering equus on my horses that are not for sale,they are very special to me if they are not for sale.

Please don't send me messages about Budgerigars or if you have them.

I used to have Budgerigars when i made my account a long time ago.

Im Sorry if im sounding mean, im not trying to be.

yes i am sarabixscar on Deviantart

Avatar made by me , don't copy or steal it please. :)_v1828806360.png

I accept most friend requests :D.png?137722501%28y%29.png?137722501

please sign my guest book if you get the chance

I love Hetalia.

My Favorite Character from Hetalia is England

Howrse site's im on Under the same Username Budgie12:





So if you see anyone on a different site then these pretending to be me,please report them.

Have a good Day :)