First, all offers on horses not in the For Sale tab will be result in you being blocked!

I will accept random friend requests though I will delete people from my friend list if they have not logged on in a month.

Please be patient when communicating with me. I am currently attending college full time, homeschooling my son, and working part time. I divide my "free" time with Roleplaying (mostly D&D, though just starting Pathfinder), WOW, a few idle games, two facebook games, Howrse and sleep..... so not doing much with games till after I graduate in December 2018. Then will be looking for a job.

Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Current goals:
Have a Unicorn of each breed
Make all Unicorns immortal
Train all my main horses and my unicorns
Breed a horse of every color allowed for each of the breeds
Breed over 1000 horses of my favorite colors