I have decided to get my life back, so I will only be on Horwse once in a while. Thank you to all my good friends.


About Me

I am an adult German, but I've been living in Ireland for a long time now and love country and people. The first time I sat on a horse, I was 9, when my mum signed me up for vaulting lessons. After that the harm was done I couldn't stay away from horses. Unfortunately now I have no more chances for horseback riding. So I do get my pleasure out of playing Horwse instead. I also have 3 dogs I love to bits. They are all girls, a Wheaten Terrier, a Jack Russel and a German Shepard Cross, so it never gets boring in the house. 

My Goals

25 Divine = achieved 28th April

 30 Divine = 29 Divine (15th July birth of Moon)

All 26 Wild Horses = 24  (21st Mar Shackleford Banks and Ainos Pony found in a Treasure Chest)  

-Win the Grand Prix within the first 50

- Win the Unicorn Breed Trophy = 22/36 (27th Mar)

-Breed low GP Donkeys (I'll update upon progress)

Grand Prix

I am taking part in the Classic & Western Grand Prix with 4 horses each daily. I got all 7 Bonuses from the HOP's. If you're interested, which horses are taking part have a look under the SPECIALS ♦Prix Horses♦ tab.

Current News

If anyone is interested in what the "E.I." in my affixes stands for, it is: Emerald Isle, the romantic name for Ireland. 

Please visit my forum for Tips on how to do your foal games. And don't forget to sign my guestbook. 

I'm buying Pilote's Strokes for 30k.

 I rarely sell horses, unless you make me an offer I can't refuse. 

Please do not ask me for a Divine or Wild, none are for Sale or Charity. You have to work hard to get them.

All my Stallions are available for coverings. As I don't offer very often, p.m. me and I reserve one for you.

Oh, one more thing: Don't forget to visit one of my Donkeys, you can reach them in the Breeding Farms, they are in the fifth tab. Thank you for visiting "My first Donkey", she was on Rank 74 (25th Jan).


I return all Congratulations I can see. If I missed you, let me know. Since people keep missing out on a prize, I don't reward a lot any more, except for milestones, so watch out for the next one at 10 000! 

7500th Congrats was made by juniorlovesme and she has won a Gypsy Vanner Unicorn foal for 500e. Congratulations!

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