Attention!: I've been wanting to purchase a horse with a copy of the old, non helios ray compatible Dark Pegasus retired coat GA. It was one of the first GA's I'd ever seen on this site and I still adore it to this day. If you have a horse with that coat that you wouldn't mind selling to me and access to private sales, I'm willing to pay passes! Please let me know!

  C0owe.pngI love Harry Potter, the Warrior cats Series, Naruto, The Phantom of the Opera, Percy Jackson, and Pirates of the Caribbean. The reason for me making affixes like Eye of the Storm TBs is not because I am making a breeding group called that it is because I don't want to group my high stared TBs with my high stared arabians and so on and also because my affix A Ninja is really outdated; it is from when if you had a 30 something stared horse it was considered great.