Losing my mind lol
About Me
Hi people, I'm Sharon and I'm 23. You can also call me Mars. I have a BFA degree in Fine Art. I have a pretty eclectic music taste. Some of my favorite bands are Muse, Florence+the Machine, Rezz, Cage the elephant, Orville Peck, bbno$, and Daft Punk. I love to read! (Currently reading The Crow Girl). I also have an obsession with tea. I watch a ton of shows on Netflix and have a pretty big range of favorite movies. The 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie is my top favorite.
I don't own any, but do ride horses irl. Used to take lessons and compete in english. Now I just ride leisurely on trails. I want to learn how to ride more formally in western.
My Game
I only play this game now to collect Golden Apples and Divines.
Yes, I rename all my Wilds with names that begin with L. I have no reason for it, it's just fun!
I'm an adult player, so please get your parent's permission before contacting me
I'm looking for this Retired Apple coat. Let me know if you see it in sales or are selling it:100226227-normal.png
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