i am sad to say that Howrse has chosen to delete my first presentation due to my voiced beliefs. i certainly never wanted to offend anyone but rather to give positive encouragement and hope.
so, for those who have previously read my page, although the words have been erased and changed, the Good News is the Facts remain the same.
Plus, i will add a bit more about myself for those reading this for the first time and All my friends here on Howrse.

i am an adult Christian woman. my dear and wonderful daughter and awesome friend, dressagegirl18 is responsible for getting me started at this. and still, i don't know what i would do without her!(a).png?763359189
i love and highly value family and friends.
currently my RL family(l).png?763359189 includes my daughter and son-in-law, 
4 horses  (my avatar,(i would appreciate it if you would not copy this very personal pic. Thank You) 
ZipposGent aka dear sweet "Henry" just recently suddenly passed away, i could tell him everything, he never would tell and he always returned my Looong hugs, 
we miss him tremendously.)  :'(.png?763359189   
also 3 dogs, 10 cats and 1 bird!
 as you can see i love animals, including giraffes! (don't have any real ones of those...yet) ;).png?763359189
because of this love and loyalty, even my horses on here are dear to me and i cannot bear to part with them.
i believe in the presence of angels,(a).png?763359189 they come in many forms, shapes and sizes, with and without wings, and are often times one and the same as family-friends.
i do accept all friend requests and i really enjoy^).png?763359189 congratulating everyone i can, (y).png?763359189especially to return the kind favor and if i see by my friends list that you are currently playing.
i may not be the greatest at all the rest but i most certainly try my very best to be a loyal congratulator and friend, and i do so very much appreciate your congratulations and friendship always, also.
all Good Blessings to you all,