In real life we have four horses, a cat and a dog and I'm always wishing for more time with them (mainly the horses). 

My goal on this game is just to play fair, experiment a little and have fun! Check out my horses as I usually always have some for sale. 

Have a great day! 



My address is where I live.  My phone number goes to my phone.  My E-mail address lets me send messages.  My name is what people call me.  I look human.  My age refers to my date of birth.  My birthday is celebrated every year.  My hair is a color, my eyes are a color and my skin is a color.  I'm tall enough to reach the dinner table.  I love horses, just like everyone else on here.  I am a Christian.  This is all that matters, right?  Put this on your page to help show others that putting personal information is very dangerous and is pointless.