Hello there! My name is enstan and I been here since the horses were totally different. I used to have another account but it got deleted for some reason but I made this one once i knew i didn't have my old one.

A little about my self~

Am a young adult less then 25 but older then 18 lol. I have a pet dog husky named Hercules, three bettas, 3 guinea pigs, one rabbit and soon adding another dog or two. I don;t own a horse but I do ride once i get a chance. Another thing is am an artist- i draw digital -still learning tho but you can see my art if you go to


I do sell my horses but usually my GA and Unicorns are not for sale unless the unicorn dont have my Affixes and horses that have Spirits herd are for sale any. '

I breed unicorns and if you want one Just PM me -I dont bite and we can come to agreement .

I also try to breed blup horses and have them be Champions but still on the road on that. another thing is that usually i just pop in and leave after i take care a certain horse because am busy drawing but i do get back and check my mail.

My fav movies is the last unicorn and spirit ,also all the Jurassic movies.

Anyway have a wonder day/night and if you got any question about something just send a pm to me and i will get back to you!!a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

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don_t_be_sad_mama__by_enstan-d86pdmm.jpgfree_at_last_freedom_by_enstan-d7kj9mi.pshadow_is_fast_by_enstan-d7kj9x7.png All of these digital drawings are from me ( the top ones)

spiriticon_2.gif000txqeh.gifSpirit34.jpg?t=12633331532cfwetd.gif28786305.gif?pfcizo26702524.gif?zedhkzgekajka444spiriticon_7.gif27946131.gif?VKFahgg28707989.gif?sdfsfpLgfhksfg001ft9qz.gif spiriticon_11.gifSpirit_Stamp_by_NativeHorse32.gifqpndli.gif2jbqwyd.gif801ba1a849e1.gifCedar Detail CedarCedarDetail Prancer.Prancer.Prancer. spiriticon_8.gifDetail AlmaAlmaAlma

Detail El  BravoEl  BravoEl Bravo Detail Strider (c) Kathleen DeweyStrider (c) Kathleen DeweyStrider

Detail EsperanzaEsperanzaEsperanza