21st April 2017- Selling 9 Nyx Packs and 3 Fifth Elements- PM me offers please! 

I am currently a member of the top Knabstrupper Unicorn team- Hope and Loyalty! 

*As of 15th Dec 15 we have reached an amazing 5200GP! 

*On 21st February 2016 we reached 5600GP!!

Massive thank you to Andrada for this wonderful layout she made me! It's just gorgeous!! 

I am an adult female living in Ireland. I am for the most part friendly and try my best to help players on the game, so if you have a question- please do ask, I just might not know the answer lo!

Hope and Loyalty is a close knit unicorn breeding group founded by robynwork (now Lavender Unicorn) back in 2012. We have took them up from 350GP to over 5000GP. 

We ARE currently looking for members, please message, either k9yorkie, Lavender Unicorn or myself for more info.

We do not offer covers above sales GP. 

I will sell back horses to players who are trying to collect their horses back- within reason, please note if I say no- I mean no!

Saddleseat Mom and Lavender Unicorn are always looking for aging points if you have any spare please send these brilliant ladies one :) 

I raise pass horses on the game and they all need to sleep somewhere! so to all my horses' EC owners, I will ask to extend board- my horses are named by their age so if you wish to refuse them because of their ill health-please do so :) 

I am selling a few horses, please look in the "for sale" tab and make me an offer :) I also sell pass horses for a set price of 180,000e, again message me if you are interested :) 

Currently buying BMI's- always looking:

M. Arms- 250,000e

Apollo's Lyre- 10,000e

Black Orchids- 15,000e 

Philotes' Stroke- 10,000e

Golden apples- 100,000e

Please just reserve to me in the exchanges and send me a message to let me know, thank you!