Have 4 Titans Challanges For Sale PM An Offer <3

Any DA's for sale? Pm Me!

PAYING ALOT (!!!) for any PSH Type DA With The Same Color Mane And Tail As The DA Pictured Below!!! 

Also Looking For Any Contrast or Tri Colored PSH Type DA.

PM Me!

Thank You :) 




I Am Buying DA's Of Almost Any Breed!

 I Can Pay With Passes. If The Coat Is Highly Desired By Me.

PM me the name and tab the DA is in and make me an Offer. Or Reserve Your DA and I will accept or cancel depending.

DA Breeds I Prefer:

-Purebred Spanish Horse <3


-Newfoundland Pony <33

=+=Currently Own 118 DA's!!!=+=


Hi! Call Me Rugrats97 (l).png?1828806360

  Im  around 20-21yrs old and have been playing since 2010. Currently I am trying to save passes and equus to get better DA horses. I am very kind and don't report unless you treat me unkindly. After any negotiations with me I ask that you go into my Equestrian Center Forms an  write a small comment in my  "Am I Trustworthy?" Tab. Please Keep Those Things In Mind.

Horses For Sale:

Currently I am trying to get more equus so if you see a horse you like PM me and lets see if he/she is available. I am Not selling any of my other DA's but you can make offers.

Almost All Horses For Sale Will Be In Sales. You may PM me about others with the exception that your Offer is ReAsOnAbLe. No Low Ballers For Expensive Horses. 

PM me the name and tab of the horse your making an offer on.

Breeding Sales:

  I do also Offer Skiller Breeding. Thoroughbred Mostly.

 You Pick Mother And Father (I will give suggestions).

  Prices Will Vary From 10k to 500 and 1pass or 50k.

All Babies will have high GP with variations of Skill Levels.

   =+=PM Me For More Details On How It All Works.=+=