Hello, just a little about myself.  I am a 35+ year old
adult female from the United States of America.  I love horses, but have not been fortunate enough to be able to ever own any.  I play the game, partly as a way to relieve stress, so I don't need anyone to be rude to me.  I will usually try to help those that need it, but I seriously frown on nasty emails and will be much less likely to help or do business with those that feel that they need to be rude to communicate.  Please do not make reservations for any of my mares without my asking for it as it will only waste your stallion's energy.  I will not breed any of my mares until I feel that they are ready to breed.  If you are interested in being on a list for any of my mares or would like me to make a reserved covering for any of yours from one of my available studs please message me.  If I don't answer anyone's message right away, please be patient.  It is probably because I am busy.  I am an adult player and  I work outside of the home (working 12-hour shifts), plus I have household duties, etc.

Please Don't Forget To Congratulate My Topaz!

Let's Make a Deal

I have decided to work on my Trophy Collection.  Currently I am looking for Companions.  I am in need of a Ladybug.  I am willing to purchase at a reasonable price. 

For Trade

I currently have Apollo's Lyres and Croesus' Fortune, up for Trade.  If interested in trading, please PM me with what you have available to trade.  We will then work out a fair trade.

Items that I am most likely interested in trading for are Philosopher's Stones, HOP's, Titan's Challenge, 5th Elements, Bewitched Pumpkins, Seal of Apocalypse, Wanderer's Spirit and/or Nyx Packs.


I sometimes have foals for sale.  Most prices are negotiable and ALL reasonable offers will be considered.   All horses and foals sold will have Apollo's Lyre as an added bonus to the sale.  Enjoy!

I currently have an Arabian Stallion for sale.  All horses/foals for sale are under the FOR SALE tab. If they are not under the FOR SALE tab they are not for sale.

Jaspar - Male... Apollo's Lyre, Nyx Pack


I always have stallions up for stud.  Stud Fees are always 500e (unless stated differently).  This makes my stallions available to everyone.  Most studs can be found in the Public Offers.  All available Stallions can be found under the Mares & Stallions and the Immortals, Uni's tabs.  All available studs are 100 BLUP.  I don't send out public offerings until they have reached this point as I only offer Quality Studs.  Feel free to message me for any Private Offering.

Due to Draft Horses having LIMITED coverings...
Draft horses will offer public/private coverings for 7500e.
ALL will be at 100 BLUP and FULLY TRAINED!

My Divines are available for specified Divine coverings.
Please private message for more details.

I also am willing to use any of my mares for breeding custom foals.  Available mares can be found under the Mares & Stallions tabs.  There are also be some GA mares under the Taste The Rainbow and Grand Prix tabs.  Please message me for more details.

Other Info

Please do not send me PM's asking me to purchase your horse(s) unless they meet the criteria listed below.  I am not currently looking to make any purchases unless, of course, they meet the criteria below.  I don't always have time to care for all of my horses the way it is, so I am will not be making purchases that don't help with my trophy collection.  FYI:  Just because I don't have time to care for all the horses I have, doesn't mean I am looking for outside help with their care.  Most PM's asking me to buy random horses will be deleted.  Please respect my wishes.

For now, I am making a few purchases.  Only Females of Unicorn Breeds that I Do Not already own. I am slowly trying to build my trophy collection.  GP's above 1000 preferred and prices Must be Reasonable.  I am not gonna break the bank just to get a particular horse.  Also, I am not rich, so I think spending 200 passes (equivalent to $250-$300 US Dollars) for a virtual horse is ridiculous.  I do buy passes from time to time, but most of my passes come from my old "retired" horses passing away past the age of 30 yrs.

- Unicorn Breeds I Still Desire -

Akhal-Teke                                                                           Appaloosa
Argentinean Criollo                                                              Barb
Brumby                                                                                Canadian Horse
Friesian                                                                               Gypsy Vanner
Hackney                                                                              Hanoverian
Holsteiner                                                                            Icelandic Horse
Irish Hunter                                                                          KWPN
Lipizzan                                                                               Lusitano
Morgan                                                                                Nokota
Paint Horse                                                                         Peruvian Paso
Purebred Spanish Horse                                                     Russian Don Horse
Selle Francais                                                                     Shagya Arabian
Standardbred                                                                      Tennessee Walker

Chincoteague Pony                                                            Connemara
Fjord                                                                                   Haflinger
Highland Pony                                                                    Newfoundland Pony
Quarter Pony                                                                      Welsh

Drum Horse                                                                        Percheron

Looking to share Harmony Packs with Donkeys.  I have a Midas and would love to share his Harmony Pack every month with someone's donkey instead of letting it go to waste.  Donkey must be at least 1yr 6mo of age and not have a Golden Apple Coat yet.


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