I am ALWAYS looking for Morpheus' Arms and Philosopher's Stones

I am in URGENT NEED of Pieces of Cloud

I will occasionally trade for Golden Apples as well. 
I'm in DESPERATE need of Helios' Rays!
Please PM me if you have any of these for trade. 
Thank you!!

Hello! I'm SpringerGirl, and I've been playing on this game for way too many years. I am an adult female who lives in Canada, and I have been around horses for close to 15 years now. Although I do not own any of my own, I am fortunate enough to have an excellent free lease arrangement of a QHxAppy mare and a Tennessee Walker gelding. I love to trail ride, and have recently started taking western riding lessons for the first time in my life. I am learning lots about ground work, liberty, and how to really "speak horse". I have a lot to learn, but I'm loving every minute of it! I have one dog, an English Springer Spaniel, and he is my very favourite old man (he's almost 13!) If you have any questions, send me a PM! 

My breeding partner and best friend ratterrierlover and I have bred a wide variety of breeds over the years, although we will always have a soft spot for Paint Horses, Marwaris, and Tennessee Walkers. Every so often, we choose a new breed of unicorn to BLUP for our ABC series. We do not have a GP release, as much of our stock is old and low GP because life took us away from the game and active breeding for an extended period of time. As of April 2020, we have bred Mustangs, Marwaris, Paints, Tennessee Walkers, Appaloosas, and Akhal-Tekes!
I have recently joined Wanderlust Dominion, and am excited to be BLUPing competitively again!                                                      I have BLUPed for many top teams in the past, including MRSA Marwaris, QH Blazers, LeVernici Paints, Gaited Walkers, and Etwas Witzig Hanoverians. I will occasionally buy skillors for the PRIX, but not consistently. 
I don't have much for sale these days, but I do sell unicorn rejects frequently. Most of my rejects are from 100 BLUP parents and sometimes have great IBS. They would make excellent filler horses, or great for coat/breed collectors. Every so often I will blow out my unicorn foals. Any current sales are found in my SALES tab.                  935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png
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